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Ragnarok, The Island, The Center, Aberration

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Our Rules

 1. No blocking obelisks or Artifacts.  All obelisks and Artifacts must be safely accessible to all players.  Admin will delete any structure, dino, or mechanism that impedes players from interacting or approaching obelisks and Artifacts. Any structure built on the "pad" of the obelisk will be deleted. 

2. The use of scripts, autoclickers, macros, aimbots, 3rd party software (to get around a setting I have disabled), etc will be handled harshly. Each instance will be looked into and if found will result in a ban from server without question/review. If you find yourself wondering if "__" is allowed, ask yourself does this "_" prevent me from having to do something that I would normally have to do in ark. If the answer is yes then it is not allowed. For example, Using an autoclicker bound to a button on your mouse on your acct that swings an anky tail, while your other acct flys the bird to do metal runs is not allowed. VAC banned players are not welcome on this server. If found you will be removed. 

3. Leaving Aggressive dinos or building established bases with turrets or plant turrets in spawn zones on either map is prohibited. 

4. Using the trees from eco-trees mod as walls is prohibited. Utilizing the trees to hide your location is permitted.  

5. Discord rule: No pornographic or racial posts/slurs in discord. Posts found in discord will be deleted. You will receive one warning. Any further violation will resort in a discord ban.

Our Rates

 2x Experience, 4x Gathering, 6x Taming, 7x Maturation, 2x Hatching, 0.5x Mating, 2x Imprinting, 0.5 Cuddle Interval, 2x Cave Damage 

Our Mods

Super Spyglass
Utilites Plus
eco's Aberration Decor

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